About Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital city of the Republic of Argentina and one of the most important cities in Latin America.

One of the most interesting attractions of Buenos Aires is its architecture. Its style reflects the influence of the Spaniards, French and Italians in its building and in its parks. The city has wide avenues, mansions, extensive green spaces, hundreds of sculptures and a large quantity of churches; all integrated among houses, office buildings, apartment buildings and modern skyscrapers.

Buenos Aires surprises its visitors with its contrasts; with a mixture of different styles that distinguishes the big cities of the world: elegant, noisy, cultural, lover of the tango, of endless coffee chats, of nightlife and of course: of football.

The Centro is the heart of our City, where you can find all of major banks, international hotels and a wide variety of shopping malls, shops, culture and entertainment. One of attractions is Florida Street, a pedestrian walkway where you can find a lot of commercial galleries and shops. Walking down at the intersection with Córdoba Ave. you will find Galerías Pacífico, an important shopping mall with a gorgeous architecture from the end of the century (1891), where you can admire old high valued frescos paintings.

Pto Madero,  is the East side of the city, full of attractions for the tourist. Here it is located the old harbour of Buenos Aires, today remade and rebuild in every space.
This area is full of gastronomic places and night life. The old docks have been transformed in modern and sophisticated restaurants and lofts, which still the old English style architecture.
Puerto Madero represents to Buenos Aires a meeting point for office employees as well as executives. It's a very distinctive place in our city.

La Recoleta district was founded at the beginning of the XVIIIth century, as a place for retreat and pray for the Franciscan monks. At that time the "Monasterio de los Padres Recoletos (Monastery of Recoletos Clergymen) was active. The "Nuestra Señora del Pilar" Church was built on 1716.

The Cemetery, famous due to the magnificent of its mausoleums, it’s glamorous for being the place where famous people rest in peace.
But it's also an area full of night life and amusement. We can also emphasize the chic architectural styles of many buildings and houses.

La Boca is the old harbour from the beginning of the century, where many immigrants, mainly coming from Italy and Spain, but also from other European countries and Syria. The famous 'coventillos”, communal houses where all the newly arrived used to live.
The houses are made of wood and zinc, and decorated with ship paint. That is why you can see the colourful aspect of this typical neighborhood. The Tango gives this area a particular aspect and melancholy.

San Telmo is a typical place full of history and personality. In the XIXth century was the residence of the high class of Buenos Aires. At the end of the same century, an epidemic of Yellow Fever forces the inhabitants to emigrate to the north side of the city, today Barrio Norte and Recoleta.
In the seventies started the restoration and recovery of the neighborhood, very rich in architecture and art movement regarding new tendencies. Bohemian area, today's one of the most important market regarding antiquities, with more than 500 shops where you can find all what you can imagine, and not.
You can find also a wide range of restaurants, pubs and tango clubs