Shopping in Buenos Aires

  • Florida Street
    Address: From Av. Corrientes to San Martin Square.
    Comments: Tourist Commercial Area
  • Santa Fe Avenue
    Address: From San Martin Square to Callao Av. (and a little bit more)
    Comments: Open area with different shops variety.
  • Palermo Soho
    Address: Its centre is located in Serrano Square (Honduras & Serrano)
    Comments: New trendy area of the city. Young independent designers. A must!
    Open all days but Mondays.
Flea Markets:
  • Sant Telmo Flea Market
    Address: Humberto 1º y Defensa
    Comments: Antiques. Only open on Sundays.
  • Plaza Francia – Recoleta Flea Market:
    Address: Plaza Francia / Quintana Av & Recoleta Square
    Comments: Open on weekends
  • Palermo Soho – Serrano Square Area:
    Address: Serrano Square and sorroundings
    Comments: Open all days but Mondays.
  • Tigre Fruits Market:
    Address: Tigre city
    Comments: Decoration and typical Argentinean products
Shopping list (Recommended ones)
  • Patio Bulrich
    Address: Posadas St 1245
    Comments: All the international brands. The most exclusive Shopping in the city.
  • Alto Palermo
    Address: Santa Fe Av. & Coronel Diaz Av.
    Comments: General stores, Argentinean & International Brands
  • Galerias Pacifico
    Address: Florida St & Cordoba Av.
    Comments: General stores, Argentinean & International Brands. Tourist oriented.
Recommended brands for LEATHER & FURS:
  • Casa Lopez
    Address: Marcelo T de Alvear 640
  • Lazaro
    Address: Av Santa Fe 1625
  • El Cardon cosas Nuestras
    Address: Honduras 4755
  • Prüne
    Address: Florida St & Cordoba Av.
Recommended brands for Jewellery
  • H Stern
    Address:Florida 1001 - Buenos Aires
  • Cousiño
    Address: Av. San Martín 1225, Buenos Aires / In the Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel, at Alem (Rodocrosita Especialist’s)
Recommended stores for WINE
  • Winery
    Address: Av. Leandro N. Alem 880 / Av. del Libertador 500
  • Tonel Privado
    Address: Patio Bullrich (Av. del Libertador 750 / Local 210)
    Galerías Pacifico (Florida 753 / Local 147)